The Story Of Kelopeukalo

-My biography-

  • Jari Syrjamaki, living in Masku

  • A father and A husband

  • Technical Crafts teacher in Masku municipality since 2001, entrepreneur-carpenter since 2006, motorcyclist, golffer.

-The story of Kelopeukalo-

Kelopeukalo is a one-man woodworking shop in Masku, Proper-Finland. I make unique and good quality wood products for home, leisure and business use. The products are made from dead standing pine, old weathered plank/barn wood or hay poles. I also use ordinary Finnish as well as foreign wood, such as birch, juniper or oak. The products are well suited to create a great ambience and lift up your spirits. They are also a perfect gift for your special friend or business partner.

Dead standing pine is usually a product of Lapland and is well appreciated because of its rare nature.

Over a 100 year-old barns and hay poles are usually from South Ostra Botnia's low expanses.

Every year people begin to appreciate unique furniture more. A unique piece of furniture, whether a bench or a great dining table, has always an interesting story to tell for the people spending time around it. The best part of a unique furniture is the fact that its story grows yearly from generation to another. A furniture made by measure and pleasure stands time and is always fixable should it face a bad day.

With these thoughts I want everyone to have the opportunity to get a tinge of these images and stories to your own home. Let Finnish handiwork share your story! It will appreciate you, your family and friends every second of every day. And no wonder, since it is a member of your family

You are welcome to get acquainted with my products.

Br, Jari Syrjamaki